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Premium denim and independent brands. Established in 2003, Brooklyn offers the largest denim selection in Vancouver. We complement our denim program with an assortment of shirts, outerwear, sweaters, footwear, and accessories.


Kato - The Pen Slim 10.5 oz Selvedge Denim Jeans Raw-Men's Denim-Indigo-29-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato CORE - The Scissors Slim Tapered 10.5 oz Denim Jeans Black Raw-Men's Denim-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato CORE - The Scissors Slim Tapered 10.5 Oz Denim Jeans - Indigo Raw-Men's Denim-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Fidelity Denim Torino Patchouli Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans-Men's Denim-36-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato CORE - The Pen Slim 14oz - Slash-Men's Denim-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato - The Hammer Straight 10.5 Oz Denim Jeans One Wash-Men's Denim-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada

Yaletown, Vancouver

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For nearly 20 years, we've been giving regular guys rock-star confidence by providing quality products, mostly crafted in America... Indie brands you're not gonna see on every other guy in town (and nothing made in China). With over 1000 jeans in stock, your next favorite pair is waiting for you.


Featured Brands

Kato CORE The Brace LS 7 Oz Loose Weave Shirt B-Men's Shirts-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada

KATO, a clothing brand, merges classic inspiration with modern innovation. Prioritizing comfort and durability, they blend traditional elements with innovative fabric blends, creating timeless pieces.

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Combining comfort, quality, and fashionable designs, Pullin allows customers to showcase unique personalities. Known for creativity and trendiness, Pullin continues to redefine men's undergarments with commitment and innovation.

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Goodlife - SS Overdyed Triblend Scallop Crew - Seasonal-Men's T-Shirts-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Good Life

Goodlife prioritizes individuality, offering a unique experience for diverse tastes. Their collection, inspired by timeless fashion, provides versatile and comfortable pieces without imposing a specific lifestyle.

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