Who Owns Brooklyn?

My name is Jason Overbo and it’s been 20 years since I first moved to Yaletown and opened Brooklyn, a clothing store that specializes in denim for men.  

More recently, I co-founded the FOLD, a small group of independent stores, created with previous employees.  The stores in the FOLD support each other with experience and knowledge, increasing the odds of success for each individual location.  I think that's pretty damn cool… if you think it's cool too, and you'd like to be the boss of your OWN shop one day, I'd like to meet you… so track me down and tell me why you're amazing!

– Jason

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The Fold Group

The Fold Group is always looking for driven individuals that are interested in owning their OWN business one day. You will learn how to run your own business and with the right business plan, we may partner with you and help you get started. Since we are always opening new locations there is tremendous room for advancement.

Open Positions

Working Conditions

  • You need to be able to work 3-6 shifts/week (20-40 hours), but there is flexibility on when the shifts are (day shift vs evening shifts/weekdays vs weekends).  The more availability you bring, the more shifts you will get
  • Everyone must be available to work at least one Sunday per month 
  • You must be available for staff meetings and product knowledge sessions (approx 8 per year)
  • We are generous and flexible in allowing time off – however, the more availability you have, the more shifts you can get
  • Schedule is done a week in advance
  • You should be comfortable standing for long periods
  • Dress code: no uniform, but you are encouraged to wear brands that we sell and if not, you should dress the style of the store.  We offer great discount and contests, so it doesn’t take long to build up a wardrobe of the store
  • Personal Hygiene is critical (deodorant is not optional)


  • You will be scheduled with other staff your first few shifts.  They will answer questions and walk you through expectations and how things work on day to day basis
  • There is a “New Employee Folder” in Google Drive which has a ton of useful information
  • Jason does monthly check ins with the staff.  If there are any major issues, you will be informed and given time to address them.

Growth Opportunities

  • You will learn how to run your own business and if you have a great business plan, we may partner with you and help you get started (ie Howard, Goodlad, Woodward etc)
  • Because we are always opening new locations, there is tremendous room for advancement

Duties and Responsibilities

  • You are enthusiastic (it’s more important than experience!)
  • You are a self starter (you don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do)
  • You get along with the rest of the team
  • You make a statement on the sales floor
  • You have great style
  • You love chatting to people (but Brooklyn is NOT hard-sell)
  • You are familiar with the brands that we sell

Key Position Details

  • Everyone in the store sells, and this is your primary responsibility.
  • You are encouraged to treat the job as your own mini-business and build your clientele (which is why we have one person take care of a customer, so they can get to know them on a personal level and have that familiar contact point)
  • In addition to sales, there are support roles you can take on: scheduling, entering POs, entering emails, taking care of returns (the more support roles you take on, the greater your chances for promotion)
  • This is NOT your typical retail job.  There are LOTS of opportunities to learn and grow (having fun along the way!)

Why does working in a clothing store have to be a crummy dead-end job?

  1. Why can't there be significant rewards for someone that's willing to work their butt off?
  2. Why can’t I be the master of my own destiny?  Rewarded for my hard work and calculated risk-taking?
  3. I think I might be an entrepreneur; how can I find out if I have what it takes?

If you’ve asked yourself one of these questions and you’re ready to hear the answer, keep reading…

Established in 2003, Brooklyn Clothing is an independent retail shop conveniently located in Yaletown, just half a block from the Sky Train. We specialize in denim for men (over 1000 pairs of jeans in stock); we are open till 9PM every day of the week but Sunday. 

What makes Brooklyn unique?

  • We believe retail does NOT have to be a low-paying dead end job.  We are dedicated to creating entrepreneurs (our BHAG is to have at least 10 hybrid partnerships in 10 years and we are well on our way towards hitting that goal).
  • We specialize in smaller brands, brands you can’t find everywhere else, many of which are made in North America.  We believe in ethical sourcing (i.e. we don’t sell anything made in China, Bangladesh, or Vietnam).  
  • Our goal is not to sell every person that walks in the store... our goal is to ensure every person that walks in the store has an amazing experience, every time.

What we’re looking for in a style architect...

  • Our core values MUST resonate with you (you’ll find them written below)
  • You are enthusiastic (it’s more important than experience!)
  • You are a self starter (you don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do)
  • You get along with the rest of the team
  • You can make a statement on the sales floor

In addition, you probably...

  • have great style
  • love chatting to people
  • are familiar with the brands that we sell
  • live downtown

What we can give you in return...

  • Career growth opportunities – the opportunity for you to learn how to run a small business, and eventually to own a small business with our unique hybrid partnership plan
  • Our average wage is just over $20/hr (hourly wage plus 3.5% commission plus profit sharing when we hit our sales goals)
  • Sales, contests, and bonuses
  • Staff dinners and drinks to celebrate monthly goals
  • Health care plan after 6 month probationary period
  • Very generous clothing discount
  • Flexible hours and shift scheduling

Core Values 

  • Bob Marley principle (positivity)

We are enthusiastic and we WANT to be here

We bring a positive attitude to work every day

We don’t let one bad encounter ruin our whole day

We respect our store, co-workers, and customers

  • Brooklyn bridge (communication)

We solve small problems before they become big ones

We are never afraid to say what’s on our mind

We agree that a phone call is better than a text or email

We collaborate with our team and work it out together

  • Walk a mile (empathy)

We remain open to the possibility that we might be wrong

We are patient and understanding

We treat people as we would like to be treated

  • Own your business (what would you do if you were the owner)

We don’t wait for someone to tell us what to do

We lead by example

We think bigger than just ourselves

We are always learning and improving

  • Make it so (accountability)

We do what we say we’re going to do

We bring solutions, not problems

We do the worst job first

Tiny habits (sustained effort over time accomplishes ANY goal)

2 minute rule (If it takes less than 2 minutes… DO IT.)

If reading this gets your pulse racing, and you think you have what it takes, then write to us and tell us why you're awesome!

Jason Overbo, Founder of The Fold Group

Sean McGarva, Owner of West of Woodward

Allie Jagdatt, Manager of West of Woodward

Interested in starting your career with the Fold Group? Send us your resume: