KATO, a clothing brand, merges classic inspiration with modern innovation. Prioritizing comfort and durability, they blend traditional elements with innovative fabric blends, creating timeless pieces. Standout features include the 4 Way Stretch material, offering stylish and comfortable selvedge jeans, and Denit®, a knit material combining denim's look with loungewear comfort. KATO effortlessly blends comfort and style, making their clothing suitable for any occasion.

Kato The Fatigue Oxford St Pants Moss SS24-Men's Pants-28-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato The Fatigue Oxford St Pants Cobalt SS24-Men's Pants-28-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato The Clip Denit Shorts Heather White SS24-Men's Shorts-28-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato The Clip Denit Shorts Charcoal Gray SS24-Men's Shorts-28-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato The Anvil JK Sashiko Button Up Ivory SS24-Men's Shirts-S-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato The Anvil JK Sashiko Button Up Light Indigo SS24-Men's Shirts-S-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato CORE The Ripper LS W Gauze Org Shirt-Men's Shirts-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato CORE-The Pen Slim 10.5 Oz Denim Jeans Rain-Men's Denim-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato CORE-The Blade JK 10.5 Oz Light Jacket-Men's Jackets-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato CORE - The Scissors Slim Tapered Denim Jeans Air Ronnie-Men's Denim-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada
Kato-The Scissors Slim Tapered 10.5 Pants-Copper Raw FW23-Men's Pants-Yaletown-Vancouver-Surrey-Canada